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Issue DateTitleAuthor
26-Jun-2015Application of PC-SAFT Equation of State to Bitumen/Solvent SystemsMa, Mingxu
10-Jul-2013Bio-oil from Wheat Straw and Hydrogen from Aqueous Phase of Bio-oilPouralamdari Meibod, Mostafa
-Catalytic Steam Reforming and Esterification of Bio-oilSampouri, Saeed
2-Oct-2013Characterization of rock matrix block size distribution, dispersivity, and mass transfer coefficients in fractured porous mediaSharifi Haddad, Amin
18-Jan-2016Determining the Onset of Asphaltene Flocculation in Solvent-Diluted Bitumen SystemsSATTARI, MARYAM
30-Jan-2014Effect of Temperature on Performance of Vapex Process for Heavy OilHaghighat, Parnian
2-Oct-2013Equivalent Reaction Rate Constant for Reactive Flow in Porous MediaSalari, Hashem
13-Jan-2016Experimental and Modeling Phase Behaviour Studies of Water-Solvent-Bitumen SystemZirrahi, Mohsen
25-Sep-2013Investigation of Different Reference Fluids for Viscosity Prediction of Raw Bitumen and Bitumen Mixture Using Corresponding-States MethodLabbaf, Babak
2-Oct-2013Mathematical Modeling of Steam-Solvent Gravity Drainage of Heavy Oil and Bitumen in Porous MediaRabiei Faradonbeh, Moosa
28-Jul-2014Measurement of the Physical Properties of MacKay River Bitumen and Solvent MixturesKhan, Adeem
-Modelling Water-Hydrocarbon Mutual Solubility in Multiphase Equilibrium CalculationsYu, Hongbo
17-Jan-2014Phase Behavior Modeling of Complex Hydrocarbon Systems Applicable to Solvent Assisted Recovery ProcessesBayestehparvin, Bita
18-Jan-2016Phase Behaviour and Physical Properties of Athabasca Bitumen and Solvent MixturesHaddadnia, Ali
24-Sep-2013Phase Partitioning and Thermo-physical Properties of Athabasca Bitumen / Solvent MixturesNourozieh, Hossein
11-Jan-2013Physical Properties of Athabasca Bitumen and Liquid Solvent MixturesGuan, Jianguo
28-Jan-2013Removal of Naphthenic Acid from Water Using Biomass-based Activated CarbonIranmanesh, Sobhan
2-Oct-2014Simulation and Modeling of Underground Coal Gasification Using Porous Medium ApproachSeifi, Mojtaba
-Stability Analysis and Numerical Simulation of Single and Double Diffusive Convection in Porous Media with Applications to Solvent-Aided Thermal Recovery of BitumenSabet, Nasser
28-Sep-2015Thermodynamic Modeling of Asphaltene Precipitation Using Cubic Plus Association Equation of StateShirazi Manesh, Amir Ahmad