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13-Jun-2012Signaling Mechanisms to Physiological Function: Electrical and Second Messenger Communication in Resistance ArteriesTran, Cam Ha T.
20-Jun-2012A traffic accident risk mapping frameworkWANG, JING
26-Jun-2012Gender and the Division of Household Labour: An Analysis of the Implications for Mental and Physical HealthPolachek, Alicia Joyelle
26-Jun-2012Total Knee Replacements: Component Design, Pain Prevention and Research TechniquesSaevarsson, Stefan Karl
26-Jun-2012Nonlinear elasticity, fluid flow and remodelling in biological tissuesTomic, Aleksandar
11-Jul-2012The Romantic View of Nature and the Conspiracy Theory in Environmental DocumentariesOrda, Olga
12-Jul-2012An augmented reality system for the BPM based on the museum circleMor, Liraz
12-Jul-2012International development partnerships and diffusion of renewable energy technologies in developing countries: cases in Latin AmericaPlatonova, Inna
12-Jul-2012Cardiovascular and renal effects of ANG II and NO in the newborn: roles of AT1Rs and /or AT2RsVinturache, Angela Elena
12-Jul-2012Exploring the use of clickers to support active learning and knowledge building by pre-service teachers in large lecturesLiu, Angyue
12-Jul-2012Three-dimensional topology and dynamical modelling of vortex shedding from finite surface-mounted bluff bodiesBourgeois, Jason
12-Jul-2012Effect of combined oligofructose and sitagliptin treatment on pre-pregnancy weight loss and gut microbiota in diet-induced obese ratsEslinger, Amanda
13-Jul-2012Cycloruthenated chromophores for the dye-sensitized solar cellBomben, Paolo Giovanni
13-Jul-2012Shifting the status quo of freedom: civil libertarians and the supreme court of canadaNewman, Andrew
13-Jul-2012A study in the logic of institutionsPayette, Gillman
13-Jul-2012An agile framework for variability management in software product line engineeringGhanam, Yaser
13-Jul-2012Visual representations of homelessness in the canadian public sphere: an analysis of newspaper and photo voice imagesRemillard, Chaseten
13-Jul-2012Evaluating collection disposal: life cycle perspectives for integrated library collection managementAmbler, Chelsea
13-Jul-2012Evaluating Citizen Participation in Sustainability Planning: The Story of Albertavan Fraassen, Kate Greta
17-Jul-2012The role of the tumour suppressor gene 'Pten' during retinal developmentCantrup, Robert Thomas