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19-Jul-2012Stories of hope: conversations with aboriginal women who have experienced incarcerationRadtke, Janis Leigh
19-Jul-2012The experience of spirituality in the lives of Anglican gay menHollowell, Barry
19-Jul-2012Molecular cloning and characterization of sesquiterpene synthases from valeriana officinalisPyle, Bryan Wilkinson
19-Jul-2012Friend or foe? Deconstructing the US-Pakistan allianceRichert, Ruth
19-Jul-2012Drinking water microflora biofilms and chlorine susceptibilitySchwering, Monika C.
19-Jul-2012Deep snow slab avalanchesTracz, David
19-Jul-2012Rate of alignment and communication using quantum systems in the absence of a shared frame of referenceSkotiniotis, Michael
23-Jul-2012Teachers' professional development in a challenging educational context - a study of actual practice in rural western KenyaOnguko, Brown
23-Jul-2012Approach to ease design criteria of a real-time model used in a VR training system considering constraints of human perceptionWidmer, Antoine
24-Jul-2012Visual displays in elementary schools: more than just a pretty pictureMartens, Sherry
24-Jul-2012The economics of healthy eatingLee, Helen
24-Jul-2012Biomaterials for intervertebral disc repairLee, Haeyeon
24-Jul-2012Jackknife empirical likelihood for smoothed weighted rank regression with censored dataHuang, Longlong
27-Jul-2012Canadian university nursing deanshipHull, Patricia
30-Jul-2012Mechanistic investigations of molecular water oxidation catalysisWasylenko, Derek
30-Jul-2012Participatory knowledge mobilization: a gender analysis characterizing the understandings of mother-­‐to-­‐child HIV transmission in Maasai women and outreach healthcare workers in rural TanzaniaBirks, Lauren
30-Jul-2012History is a spider's web: the weaving of trojan womenThomas, Melissa, Erin
30-Jul-2012Evolutionary palaeoecology of the megaherbivorous dinosaurs from the Dinosaur Park Formation (upper Campanian) of Alberta, CanadaMallon, Jordan
30-Jul-2012Vitamin D induces the release of IL-1b via activation of the NLRP3 inflammasomeTulk, Sarah
30-Jul-2012Attachment style and relationship satisfaction in intimate relationships of adult children of alcoholicsResch, Marley