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Issue DateTitleAuthor
29-Jun-20151.5D Internal Multiple Prediction: an Application on Synthetic Data, Physical Modelling Data and Land Data SyntheticsPan, Pan
-3D Building Model-Assisted Snapshot GNSS Positioning MethodKumar, Rakesh
-3D Geological Modeling from Concept Sketches and AnnotationsMendonça Amorim, Ronan
1-Oct-20153D Indoor Mobile Mapping using Multi-Sensor Autonomous RobotMostofi, Navid
9-Jul-2015A 3D Multiscale Model of Chemotaxis in BacteriaAndrew, Wu
25-Sep-2015A 460 GHz CMOS Substrate-Integrated-Waveguide Slot AntennaXie, Hao
5-Aug-20155-year-olds' Use of Disfluency and Speaker Identity in Referential CommunicationThacker, Justine
4-Sep-2013A 500-1900 GHz Spectral Survey of the Orion South Star Forming Region from the Herschel Space ObservatoryTahani, Kianoosh
21-May-201459 Glass Bridges: A NovelPeters, Steven
25-Mar-20159/11 Fiction and the Construction of Cultural TraumaSchaap, Tanya Geraldine
2-Feb-2016The "99%" versus Neoliberal Elites?: A Fraserian Analysis of OccupyBrosh, Caleb
-AAIM: Algorithmically Assisted Improvised MusicFay, Simon
1-May-2015Aboriginal Student Voice on School SuccessTaylor, Aileen
2-Oct-2013Abstraction Mechanisms Towards Large-Scale Agent-Based SimulationsSarraf Shirazi, Abbas
9-Jul-2015AC Electrothermal Fluid Transport for Biofluid ApplicationsSalari, Alinaghi
28-Jun-2013Accelerating MR Neuroimaging of Stroke Using Sparse Acquisition Coupled with Nonlinear Reconstruction TechniquesYerly, Jerome
1-May-2015Acceleration of Auroral ElectronsCameron, Taylor
-Accommodating Complexity: Adapting Accommodation Theory to Capture Responses to Specific TransgressionsRasmussen, Kyler Ray
-Accounting for Human Health and Ecosystems Quality in Developing Sustainable Energy Products: The Implications of Wood Biomass-based Electricity Strategies to Climate Change MitigationWeldu, Yemane W.
-Accuracy Assessment of Ultra-Wideband for a Site Safety Monitoring SystemAndolfo, Carlo