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Issue DateTitleAuthor
16-Sep-2013Accurate and Precise Iron Isotope Amount Ratios Measured by Multi-Collector Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass SpectrometerMcKiernan, Breege
29-Apr-2013Accurate Measurement of Hydrogen in SteelSenadheera, Thushanthi D.A.A.
11-Jul-2014Acetic acid formation by acetogens from hydrogen and CO2:dissolution of carbonates and competition by methanogensRollick, Lindsay
-Achieving Restorative Justice in the Extra-Judicial Sanctions Program: Working with Racialized Immigrant YouthBailey, Monetta
5-May-2015ACM: Atlas of Connectivity MapsMahdavi-Amiri, Ali
21-Jul-2014Acoustics of Mountain Pine Beetle and Lodgepole PineKaiser, Mathias
24-Sep-2014Acquiring English complex compound nouns: An L2 study of Korean learnersLee, JeongEun
25-Jan-2013Activation of Epiplexus Cells by ATPMaslieieva, Valentyna
11-Jul-2014Activation of latent Escherichia coli virulence factors by Campylobacter jejuniReti, Kristen
25-Mar-2015Activation of the Transient Receptor Potential Vanilloid-1 (TRPV1) channel mediates Extracellular Signal Regulated Kinase (ERK) phosphorylation via Beta-arrestin-2 signalingAboushousha, Reem
-Activity Dependent Changes to Astrocyte Resting CalciumMehina, Eslam
31-Jan-2014Activity-based and Behavior-based Location Recommendation in Location Based Social NetworksRahimi, Seyyed Mohammadreza
1-Oct-2015Acute and Chronic Effects of Botulinum Toxin Type-A on the structure and Function of the Quadriceps Femoris Muscles of New Zealand White RabbitsFortuna, Rafael
18-Jul-2014Acute Stroke Decision-Making in Historical and Philosophical Context, 1960-2014Shamy, Michel Christopher Frank
28-Jan-2014Adaptive Control of Nonlinear Mechanical Systems: With Application to Unmanned Aerial VehiclesBagheri, Pedram
6-Aug-2014Adaptive Processing of Laser Scanning Data and Texturing of the Segmentation OutcomeLari, Zahra
3-Dec-2014Adaptive Simplified Neuro-Fuzzy Controller as Supplementary Stabilizer for SVCAlBakkar, Anas
16-Apr-2014Adding an Ontology Filter to the Knowledge Base in CASASingh, Baljeet
1-Oct-2013Administrative Coding of Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: Assessment of Validity and Implications of Coding Practices ob Outcome EvaluationBurs, Simona