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Issue DateTitleAuthor
-E-learning Experiences of Adult Learners from Nigeria: A Narrative InquiryATAKE, RITA
1-Dec-2015Early Childhood Human CapitalZahedi, Razieh
2-Oct-2013Early Cretaceous methane seepage system and associated carbonates, biota and geochemistry, Sverdrup Basin, Ellef Ringnes Island, NunavutWilliscroft, Krista
20-Aug-2013Early Inductive Reasoning: Examining 11-Month-Olds' AbilitiesVukatana, Ena
20-Jan-2014Early life inflammation and the basolateral amygdala.Szubra, Alex
30-Sep-2014Early Metal Metallocenium Hydridoborate Catalysts for Carbon Dioxide HydrosilationChiu, Frederick Sin Nang
8-Oct-2014Early Metal Metallocenium Hydridoborate Catalysts for Carbon Dioxide HydrosilationChiu, Frederick Sin Nang
11-Feb-2013Early steps of E. coli DMSO reductase maturation and the interplay of general chaperones Trigger Factor and DnaK with the specific chaperone DmsD.Leach, Thorin Gunnar Hallson
7-Jul-2014The Early Years: Beginning Early Childhood Educators Induction Experiences and Needs in British ColumbiaDoan, Laura
-East African Immigrant Women with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: A Mixed-methods Evaluation of the Care Experience in a Vulnerable PopulationSiad, Fartoon
25-Apr-2013East-Asian Counselling Psychologists' Experience of Psychology in CanadaChan, Kingsley
2-Oct-2012Eating Disorder and Obesity Prevention Aimed at Shared Risk Factors: Does Sequence of Addressing Risk Factors Influence Intervention Effectiveness?Mohle, Erika Dawn
14-Oct-2014Eating Local: Defining A Local Foodshed to Meet Local Food GoalsPIERCE, CAROL
27-Jul-2015Eating Pathology and Perceptions of the Parent-Child Relationship across Adolescence: Exploring Longitudinal Associations within a Monozygotic Twin Differences DesignWallace, Laurel
15-Aug-2014Eco-epidemiology of production limiting diseases at the wildlife-livestock interface: beef cattle and elk in southwestern Alberta, CanadaPruvot, Mathieu
28-Mar-2013Ecological and evolutionary determinants of pollination network structureOlito, Colin J
3-Oct-2012Ecology and Transmission Dynamics of Ostertagia gruehneri in Barrenground CaribouHoar, Bryanne
4-Dec-2015Ecology of Adaptive Peak Shifts in Alaskan Threespine Stickleback (Gasterosteus aculeatus)Vanderzwan, Stevi Lee
-Ecology of Sex Ratios in Mountain Pine Beetles, Dendroctonus ponderosaeLachowsky, Leanna Elizabeth
-Economic Evaluation of a Human Papillomavirus Vaccination Program for Grade 5 Boys in AlbertaKim, Jong