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Issue DateTitleAuthor
30-Apr-2015Fabulation dans les récits autobiographiques : J.M.G. Le Clézio, Ananda Devi et Kim ThúyYuliia, Motuz
4-Sep-2013Face-to-face and Online Learning Communities and Their Effect on Deep and Surface Approaches to LearningDyjur, Patricia Marie
30-Sep-2013Facebook Identity Formation: Observing the Dramaturgical Evolution of 'Self'Krivan, Sabrina
1-May-2015Facial Biometrics using RGB-Depth DataLai, Kenneth
3-Feb-2015Facilitating Access and Adherence to Exercise in People with Type 2 DiabetesArmstrong, Marni
7-Jan-2014Facilitating Programming-by-Demonstration for Bioinformatics using Semantic Web Resources.Gordon, Paul-Michael
1-Sep-2015Factors Affecting Image Quality in Near-field Ultra-wideband Radar Imaging for Biomedical ApplicationsCurtis, Charlotte
15-Jul-2013Factors Influencing Breast Cancer Screening Practices Among Arabic Women Living in the State of Qatar: The Health Care Providers' PerspectiveHwang, Jasmine Jihye
-Factors Influencing Orthopedic Nurses' Pain Management Decision Making: A Focused EthnographyDenness, Kayla
-Factors Influencing Pre-service Teachers' Attitudes and Self-Efficacy towards Inclusive EducationHoey, Felecia
7-Oct-2015Factors Influencing Seasonal Migrations of Pronghorn Across the Northern Sagebrush SteppeJakes, Andrew
-Factors Influencing the Professional Employment of Experienced Educated TeachersMachuk, Yvonne
24-Apr-2015Factors that Affect the Retention of Female ApprenticesSkulmoski, Lukas Kane
9-Sep-2015Factors That Influence 7- and 30-day Readmissions After Heart Failure HospitalizationEastwood, Catherine Ann
14-Jun-2013Factors that Influence South Asian Cardiac Patients’ Medication AdherenceEns, Twyla
14-Jan-2016The Faculty Development Needs and Teaching Motivations, Enjoyment, and Challenges of Veterinary Preceptors: A Mixed Methods StudyHashizume, Cary
-Faculty Mentorship: A Comparative Case Study of Factors Associated with Academic Career Mentoring ProgramsLorenzetti, Diane Louise
17-Apr-2014Failure to Reproduce: Assisted Reproductive Technology Policy in CanadaSnow, Dave
-False ColouringProcter, Anne
29-Apr-2015Family and Cultural Influence on Career Self-Efficacy: Comparisons Between International and Domestic University StudentsGust, Lisa Marie