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Issue DateTitleAuthor
3-Oct-2012Gait Analysis for Pedestrian Navigation Using MEMS Handheld DevicesSusi, Melania
28-Apr-2014Gamma ray normalization and Regional Fluvial Architecture: The Paleocene Paskapoo Formation, AlbertaQuartero, Erik
19-Apr-2013Gas Recharging Process Study in Heavy Oil ReservoirsZhang, Jihong
27-Aug-2013Gas-phase Chemistry of Methyl-Substituted Silanes in a Hot-wire Chemical Vapour Deposition ProcessToukabri, Rim
3-Feb-2015Gated-ness, Income Segregation and Neighbourhood Cohesion in Two Western Canadian MetropolisesYoussef, Karim Wagih Fawzi
26-Jun-2012Gender and the Division of Household Labour: An Analysis of the Implications for Mental and Physical HealthPolachek, Alicia Joyelle
18-Jan-2013Gender Biases and Armed Conflict: Assessing the Reintegration Experience of Women from the LRAPavelich, Kimberly
15-Jan-2016Gender Diversity, Board Interlocks and Environmental PerformanceLu, Jing
-The Gender Gap in Political Knowledge in CanadaGiles, Janine Lee
25-Apr-2014Gender Gaps in Political Participation in a Cross-National Perspective: The Gendered Effects of Political InstitutionsBeauregard, Katrine
14-Jan-2015Gene expression pattern in individual multipotent hematopoietic progenitor cells: population dynamics in cell fate decisionMojtahedi, Mitra
5-Feb-2014Gene Expression Study Of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis Infected Cows – “A road to identify transcripts that could serve as biomarkers for early diagnosis of Johne’s disease”David, Joel
25-Sep-2013The Genealogy of Maiden NamesDavis, Stephanie Lis
13-Sep-2013A Genealogy of Pro-Status Quo Voluntarism: From the Victorian Volunteer Movement to Fundraising Distance Runs for HealthcareFrancis, Cheryl
-General Chaffee's Small Wars: Institutional Culture, Command Intention, and Restraint in American Expeditionary Wars, 1899-1902White, Stuart
-Generation of Tissue-Engineered Cartilage Constructs in Stirred Suspension BioreactorsAllen, Leah Marie
12-Jul-2013A Genetic Algorithm Optimizer with Applications to the SAGD ProcessChen, Zhen
9-Apr-2013Genetic analysis and the effect upon mouse infection of nucleic acid metabolizing genes in the Lyme disease spirocheteHardy, Pierre-Olivier
18-Dec-2014Genetic analysis of the Caenorhabditis elegans M1 neuron axon guidance and embryonic elongationRefai, Osama
24-Dec-2014Genetic interactions between Shox2 and Hox genes during the regional growth and development of the mouse limbNeufeld, Stanley