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Issue DateTitleAuthor
18-Jan-2013I Am AtlasLynch, Marc Herman
24-Dec-2015I Bag Your Pardon: The Albertan ae/ɛ Vowel Shift as a Window into Community GrammarsJones, Jacqueline
12-Dec-2012“I Do”: A Qualitative Study of Gay Men in Same-Sex MarriagesMorales, Edwin Estuardo
-I/Q Imbalance Compensation in Quadrature ModulatorsBhardwaj, Aparna Bhisham Chander
23-Sep-2014Ian McEwan: A Novel Approach to Political CommunicationCohen, Naor
6-Sep-2012Ice Action Database for the Confederation Bridge PiersShrestha, Noorma
-Ice Crushing Forces on Offshore Structures: Interaction Parameters and Global Effective PressuresPaquette, Erin
16-Aug-2012Ice growth phenomenology in the presence of non-electrolytes: from small molecules to antifreeze proteinsPirzadeh, Payman
5-Oct-2015The Ice SeasonsBraden, Carmen
3-Dec-2014Iceberg Detection Using Compact Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture RadarDenbina, Michael
-Icosahedral Maps for a Multiresolution Representation of Earth DataJubair, Mohammad Imrul
7-May-2013The Ideal of Lucretia in Augustan Latin PoetryWaters, Alison
1-May-2015Idealized Anterior Cruciate Ligament Autograft Surgery and Post Traumatic OsteoarthritisHeard, Bryan John
-Identification and Characterization of a Novel Tyrosine Phosphatase in PlantsLabandera, Anne Marie Lyse
29-Sep-2014Identification and characterization of an adenosine triphosphate binding cassette (ABC) transporter EcABCB1 involved in the transport of alkaloids in Eschscholzia californicaUzuegbu, Perpetua
31-Aug-2012Identification and characterization of diterpene synthases in the salvinorin A biosynthetic pathwayMitchell, Rod
-Identification and characterization of RNA target sequences of plant RNA-binding proteinsZhang, Chi
24-Sep-2013Identification and Cultivation of Exopolysaccharide-Degrading Bacteria in Two SoilsWang, Xiaoqing
30-Apr-2015Identification and Evaluation of the Indications for Use of Damage Control Surgery and Damage Control Interventions in Civilian Trauma PatientsRoberts, Derek
-The Identification of Bipotent Dermal Stem Cells and The Role of Anti-Inflammatory Macrophages During Hair Follicle RegenerationRahmani, Waleed