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Issue DateTitleAuthor
22-Oct-2014The KATP -Knockout Mouse: A Model of Susceptibility to Post-Concussion SyndromeFarran, Allyson
-Kenya's Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Framework Governing the National Oil Corporation of Kenya: Transferable Lessons from NorwayGichuyia, Monah Kathomi
26-Jun-2015Kernel-assisted Pattern Analysis of Memory EventsLaing, Sarah
20-Apr-2015Ketamine for Acute-on-Chronic PainVaid, Patrycja
-"Kicking Down Doors" and "Turning Over Stones": Front-line Youth Workers Engaging in Policy Analysis as an Active Advocacy ProcessHuntingford, Stasha
19-Nov-2015Kinematic and Kinetic Factors Associated with Start Performance in Elite Luge AthletesTomaghelli, Luciano Sebastian
16-Sep-2014Kinematic forward modeling and interpretation of faults in 3D seismic reflection dataAlarfaj, Mohammed
18-Dec-2014Kinetic modeling of catalytic in situ upgrading for Athabasca bitumen, deasphalting pitch and vacuum residueDa Silva De Andrade, Francisco Javier
29-Jan-2015Kinetic Study of the CO2 Capture using Calcium-Based Sorbents and its Application for Hydrogen Production in Gasification ProcessSedghkerdar, Mohammad Hashem
29-Jul-2014Kinetics of Asphaltene Precipitation and Flocculation from Diluted BitumenShafiee Neistanak, Mahdieh
-"Knocking on Doors that Never Open": Examining Discourses of Rejected Asylum Seekers from KosovaKusari, Kaltrina
-Knowledge is Power: The Influence of Parent and Child Knowledge of ADHD on Children's Social-Emotional CompetenceHenley, Laura
30-May-2013L1-Optimal Control of Variable-Speed Variable-Pitch Wind TurbinesJafarnejadsani, Hamidreza
5-Aug-2014La importancia crucial del discurso náutico y astrológico en las Soledades de Don Luis de Góngora y ArgoteMenéndez, Jolie
23-Jan-2013La influencia de la violencia en el sujeto femenino abyecto en Delirio de Laura RestrepoHemstock, Caroline
7-Jul-2014La métamorphose du théâtre aristotélicien : Lope de Vega et Pierre CorneilleToews, Sarah
10-Jul-2013La prostitucion y el deseo masculino en El ano que trafique con mujeres de Antonio SalasGeorgescu, Florentina
-La subversión de los papeles genéricos en Los cálices vacíos de Delmira AgustiniJaco, Rebeca
19-Nov-2012Laboratory Investigation of Polymer-flooding, ASP-flooding, and Foam-flooding in Heavy Oil SystemSu, Shi
3-Jun-2015Laboratory Testing for Chronic Lymphocytic LeukemiaHealey, Ryan Louis