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Issue DateTitleAuthor
26-Jan-2016Machine Learning for Designing Fast Quantum GatesZahedinejad, Ehsan
30-Sep-2014Macroscopic quantum effects based on Kerr nonlinearitiesWang, Tian
5-Jan-2016The Magnetic Field in the Galactic Disk from Extended Emission Rotation MeasuresOrdog, Anna
29-Sep-2014Magnetic Logic Gate Using Ferromagnetic Hexagonal NanodotsLiu, Longchen
29-Apr-2015Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Tracking of Cells and Agents Targeted to Bone FractureTaha, May
-"Maintaining the Mobility of the Corps:" Horses, Mules, and the Canadian Army Veterinary Corps in the Great WarMcEwen, Andrew
23-Sep-2014Maintaining “the Family” During Deployment: Presence Work by Military FamiliesAtwood, Kristin
30-Sep-2014Making a Living in Trinidad: An Ethnographic Exploration of Entrepreneurial Learning among YouthKoelwyn, Ryan
18-Aug-2015Making a Model Metropolis: Boosterism, Reform, and Urban Design in Minneapolis, 1880-1920Murray, Shannon
19-Dec-2013Making Federalism through Law: Regulating Socio-economic Challenges of Energy Development, a Case Study of Alberta’s Oil sands and the Regional Municipality of Wood BuffaloThompson, Chidinma Bernadine
24-May-2013Making Hope Visible: Counselling Interns’ Reflections of Hope in Personal Life and Professional PracticeCrowe, Gloria Haekyung
24-Jan-2013Making the Necessary Sacrifice: The Military's Impact on a City at War, Calgary, 1939-1945Sewell, Sarah
-Male Body Dissatisfaction: The Effect of Body Norm Information on Men's Current and Ideal Body Size EstimatesHutchinson, Tanya Diane
9-Jul-2014Managing Dual Relationships in Rural and Remote Practice SettingsHalverson, Glenn
8-May-2015Managing the Medicalization of Madness: A Narrative Analysis of Personal Stories about Mental Illness OnlineSolomon, Monique de Boer
19-Jun-2015Maneuvering Mechanisms for Omnidirectional Robots using Semi-circular Mecanum WheelsGuzman Franco, Victor Hugo
9-Sep-2015Manipulating State Failure: Al-Shabaab's Consolidation of Power in SomaliaBarkley, Blake
23-Sep-2013Map Aided Indoor and Outdoor Navigation ApplicationsAttia, Mohamed
9-Aug-2013Mapping Anisotropy of the Proximal Femur for Improved Image-Based Finite Element AnalysisEnns-Bray, William
24-Apr-2015Mapping Current Adult Intensive Care Unit Patient Care Rounding PracticesHolodinsky, Jessalyn