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Issue DateTitleAuthor
-Objective Causes of Cancer-Related Fatigue: Roles of Neuromuscular Dysfunction and Sleep DisordersMedysky, Mary
14-Sep-2012Observation and characterization of electromagnetically induced transparency using evanescent fieldsThomas, Ryan James
14-Jan-2014Observation of a Planar Isomer of the N2O-(C2H2)2 TrimerSheybani-Deloui, Sahar
18-Sep-2015Observations in Lipid Membrane SystemsMunro, Fay
28-Aug-2012Obstructive sleep apnea treatment with continuous positive airway pressure therapy improves renin angiotensin system activityNicholl, David
4-Jan-2013Obtaining a Definition of Accountability in Medical-Surgical Nursing PracticeSommerville, Kimberley
22-Apr-2013Occupant Satisfaction with Underfloor Air Distribution Systems in a Cold Climate: A Field StudyBos, Megan
14-Oct-2015Occurrence and Origin of Methane in Shallow Groundwater in Alberta, CanadaIng, Jenifer
28-Jan-2013Oceanic storm surges in the outer Mackenzie Delta, NWT Canada: Remote Sensing of tundra disturbance and restoration from saline intrusionLAPKA, STEPHANIE
30-Jan-2014Off-line Multi-Sensor Multi-Source Calibration of Dynamic Traffic Assignment: Simultaneous Demand-Supply Estimation based on Genetic Algorithms in a High-Performance ComputerOmrani, Reza
2-May-2013Official Bilingualism and Immigrants: Perceptions, Experiences and PracticesGaliev, Albert
14-Jan-2014Offshore Petroleum Pollution and Compulsory Insurance: The Case of GhanaAyamdoo, Nelson
28-Sep-2015Oh Canada: Citizenship on First Nations’ LandWilson, Gregory
-Oil Oxidation and Adiabatic Compression as Ignition Sources in Oilfield OperationsPanjeshahi, Ehsan
26-Jan-2016Oil Recovery Mechanisms of Nanocatalytic In-Situ Upgrading Process in Naturally Fractured Carbonate ReservoirsSuarez, Ricardo
13-Jan-2016Oil Recovery Strategies for Thin Heavy Oil ReservoirsZhao, Wei
10-Apr-2014Oligocene - Miocene unroofing of the Pahvant Range and re-evaluation of the Tertiary Oak City Formation in the Canyon Range: Evidence of low-angle normal faulting in west-central UtahMcGlashing, Scott
-On a 2-path problemSong, Haotian
25-Oct-2012On Deformity: Bodies in Contemporary Canadian FictionRam, Véronique Dorais
-On Hydraulic Fracturing of Tight Gas Reservoir RockMaulianda, Belladonna