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Issue DateTitleAuthor
7-Oct-2015p-Cone Optimization with Application to Radiotherapy PlanningShirvani Ghomi, Pooyan
30-Sep-2014p600 in calcium signalling and neuronal survivalBelzil, Camille André
30-Apr-2015Pahn-Ti-Pan: The Rise and Fall of Complex Socio-Political and Economic Systems as Attested in Subterranean Site Contexts of Central Belize, C.A.Morton, Shawn Gregory
29-Apr-2013The Pain of Metamorphosis: The Necessity of Witnessing in The Love of the NightingaleBradac, Alyssa
2-Oct-2013Paired Afferent Stimulation in Children: Mechanisms of Developmental PlasticityDamji, Omar
25-Jun-2015Paleobiogeography of Latest Cretaceous and Early Paleocene Mammals from North AmericaRankin, Brian
-Paleobiology (West Texas, USA), biostratigraphy and paleogeography (Vancouver Island, Canada) of late Paleozoic conodontsKatvala, Erik
-Paradoxes in Paradise: Neoliberalism in Alberta's Developmental Disability FieldSonpal-Valias, Nilima
30-Jan-2013Parallel Black Oil Solvers on GPUYU, SONG
-Parallel HTTP for Video Streaming in Wireless NetworksAnsari, Mohsen
12-Apr-2013Parasites and Hormones as Non-invasive Bioindicators of Ecophysiology in CarnivoresBryan, Heather
11-Jun-2015Parent Reported Impacts of their Disclosure of their Child's ASD Diagnosis to their ChildrenCadogan, Sarah
25-Sep-2012Parental support, control, and stress: parenting practices and beliefs of parents of children with and without ADHDWinters, Katherine
-Parents' Experiences of the Assessment Process that Resulted in their Son's Diagnosis of ADHDBuzanko, Caroline
21-Jan-2015Partially Linear Single-Index Models with Current Status DataPordeli, Pooneh
30-Jul-2012Participatory knowledge mobilization: a gender analysis characterizing the understandings of mother-­‐to-­‐child HIV transmission in Maasai women and outreach healthcare workers in rural TanzaniaBirks, Lauren
28-Jan-2013Partitioning of pulmonary lung resistance in horses: Ex-vivo.Nicol, James Alexander
17-Oct-2013“Partners in Change”: An Analysis of the 2011 B.C. Liberal Leadership ContestLoewen, Brett Allen
4-Mar-2014A Partnership Approach to Public Finance for Higher Education Funding in CanadaAskari, Mahmoud Yousef
16-May-2013Party Politics, Citizen Activism and the Media: Negotiating Gender Roles in the GDR and FRG, 1968-1989Isberg, Krista