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Issue DateTitleAuthor
8-Sep-2015Quad-Rotor Application of an Introspective Weight Voting Cerebellar Model Articulation ControllerClark, Troy
9-Jan-2013Qualifying the Variability of Surface Topography Indices for Detection of Clinical Progression of ScoliosisDubetz, Tyler Paul Arthur
-Quality Control Development to Support the Decentralized Production of the Biosand FilterChan, Nicole
-Quality of Experience and Mobility-Aware Green Inter-Radio Access Technology Traffic OffloadingAl Masri, Mohamed Ammar
2-Oct-2015Quality of Hospital Discharge Abstract Databases over TimeJiang, Shuonan Jason
-Quality of Life After Prostate Cancer Diagnosis: A Longitudinal Prospective Cohort Study in Alberta, CanadaFarris, Megan
29-Sep-2015Quantification of HIV-1 Proviral DNA Forms in Gut Tissues Using Real-Time PCRBahafzallah, Laila
5-Oct-2015Quantification of Uncertainty in Stereotactic RadiosurgeryStanley, Julia
1-Aug-2013Quantifying biomarkers of osteoarthritis in normal sheep synovium - a baselineSolbak, Nathan
30-Jan-2013Quantifying snowmelt inputs in an alpine watershed for the purpose of investigating the role of groundwater storageHood, Jaime Lynn
2-Feb-2015Quantifying Temporal Changes in Knee Joint Laxity and Dynamic Knee Stability for Healthy and Acute ACL Injured IndividualsBishop, Emily Lynn
9-Apr-2013Quantifying The Asymmetry Properties Of Quantum Mechanical Systems Using Entanglement MonotonesToloui Semnani, Borzumehr
1-Nov-2012Quantifying the Limitations of using Time Domain Airborne Electromagnetic Methods for Characterizing Heterogeneity in the Edmonton-Calgary CorridorErnst, Erin
-Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Cow Comfort After Facility Changes on Dairy FarmsMorabito, Emily Ann
19-Sep-2014Quantitative Cerebrovascular Magnetic Resonance ImagingMacDonald, Matthew Ethan
-Quantitative Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Multiple SclerosisBird, Jaimie
16-Mar-2015Quantitative palynological analyses of Albian-Cenomanian (Lower to Upper Cretaceous) strata in the Sverdrup Basin: Insights into paleoecology, paleoclimatology and palynostratigraphySulphur, Kyle
10-Jun-2015Quantitative Risk Analysis of Obstacle Limitation StandardsSandaradura, Amila Silva
-Quantum Chemical Predictions of the Stable Isotope Distribution of Copper in Blood SerumTennant, Alexander
17-Jan-2014Quantum Computation and Many Body PhysicsD'Souza, Adam