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Issue DateTitleAuthor
-The r-process Code SiRop: Applications to Nuclear Sensitivity Studies and High-energy AstrophysicsShand, Zachary
-Race, Identity, and CultureHon, Ricky
-Radiation Dosimetry in the Presence of Gold NanoparticlesKoger, Brandon
29-Sep-2014Radical Analysis of the Role of the Human Service Landscape in the Absence and Encapsulation of Intellectual DisabilityDuncan Bonokoski, Arden
1-Oct-2012Radio-Frequency Catheter Ablation for Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation: The Influence of Probe Contact on Impedance and Lesion FormationGallagher, Neal
-Random Access in Capillary Machine Type Networking: Modeling, Analysis and OptimizationKazi, Ashrafuzzaman
-Random Network Modeling of Tight FormationsBashtani, Farzad
-Random Number Generation using Human GameplaySharifian, Setareh
19-Nov-2012A Randomized Wait-List Controlled Trial of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Guided Self-Help for Recurrent Binge Eating: A Pilot StudyMasson, Philip
25-Jan-2013Range-Wide Habitat Mapping for Ord’s Kangaroo Rats (Dipodomys ordii)Robbins, Allison
-Rapid Characterization and Degradation of Dissolved Organic Matter for Improving the Quality of Boiler Feed Water in Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage ProcessCui, Jun
24-Dec-2015Rapid Evaluation of Material Properties for Materials Reinforced by Statistically Oriented FibresHashlamoun, Kotaybah
-Rapid Large-Scale Inference of Genome-Wide Mutational HeterogenietyMathankeri, Aaron
-Rapid prototyping of microfluidic devices for culture of suspended cell sheetsRazian, Golsa
-Rare Anomalous Optical Anisotropy in Almandine, ideally Fe3Al2Si3O12Suarez Nieto, Nesyereb S.
30-Mar-2015Rare Plant Distribution Modelling: Exploring Predictor Datasets - A Case Study in Southeast AlbertaHamilton, Laurie Margaret
19-Jul-2012Rate of alignment and communication using quantum systems in the absence of a shared frame of referenceSkotiniotis, Michael
27-Jan-2016Rate-Transient Analysis of Tight Gas Condensate and Black Oil Wells Exhibiting Two-phase FlowBehmanesh, Hamid
-Rate-Transient Analysis of Tight Oil and Gas ReservoirsQanbari, Farhad
30-Sep-2013Rational Function and Distributed Two Block Architecture based Models for the Mitigation of Various Imperfections in Direct Conversion TransmittersAziz, Mohsin