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Issue DateTitleAuthor
30-Mar-2015T-type Calcium Channels in Arterial Smooth Muscle: Activity, Regulation and FunctionHarraz, Osama Fathalla
3-Oct-2012T-type channel interactions with calcium activated potassium channelsRehak, Renata
1-Sep-2015Tacit Teaching and the Educative Context: Bringing Intentionality to the Hidden CurriculumHiebert, Matthew
24-Sep-2015Tackling the Challenges of an Equine Metabolic Mask: Validating a Computational Approach to Simulate Airflow Using 3D Printed ModelsMassie, Shannon
8-Nov-2013Tackling the Occlusion Problem in 3D GridsMartins Filho, Zamir
27-Aug-2013Tailoring Li-Stuffed Garnet-Type Electrolytes for Energy Conversion and Storage ApplicationsTruong, Lina
-Tailoring Perovskite- and Fluorite-Type Oxides for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFCs)Singh, Kalpana
25-Jan-2013Taking Inspiration: Talking to Songwriters About Copyright and CreativityHemminger, Peter
14-Dec-2015A Tale of a ‘Tail’ – Understanding the Role of Ku80 C-terminal Region in Non-Homologous End JoiningRadhakrishnan, Sarvan Kumar
2-Feb-2016Talk About [Men's Perpetration of] Sexual Assault [Against Women]Mikita, Kiara
21-Jul-2014Talking to Strangers: The Use of Stories as Guides to Intercultural Encounters by the Archaic Greeks and the Hudson’s Bay CreeOsborne, Carla
6-Sep-2012Taltheilei houses, lithics, and mobilityPickering, Sean Joseph
29-Aug-2014Tapered optical nanofiber for light-atom interfacingChandra, Aveek
30-Apr-2015A Targeted Needs Assessment for a Transitional “Boot Camp” Curriculum for Pediatric Surgery ResidentsBlackmore, Christopher
-Targeting Selective Receptor Tyrosine Kinases in Refractory Embryonal Tumors of ChildhoodSingh, Anjali
25-Jan-2013Targeting the PI3K and Ras Signal Transduction Pathways in a Murine Model of Osteolytic Breast Cancer MetastasisBosma, Nicholas
23-May-2014TCP-Aware Scheduling in LTE NetworksShojaedin, Narges
30-Sep-2014Teacher Effectiveness in Clinical Teaching: Structural Equation ModelingZawawi, Alia
-Teachers in the wild are pragmatic: An Integral Analysis of Teachers’ Perspectives on the Integration of Technology in TeachingIkenouye, David
-Teachers' Images and Narratives of Good Teachers: An Interpretive InquiryGrant, Kimberley