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Issue DateTitleAuthor
-UAV-Based Digital Imaging System for the Derivation of 3D Point Cloud for Landslide Hazard AnalysisAl-Rawabdeh, Abdulla
10-Jul-2013Ultimate Ruin Probability in the Dependent Claim Sizes and Claim Occurrence Times ModelsThompson, Emmanuel
15-Dec-2014Ultra High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete Spandrel Cladding Panels in Façade ApplicationsPesta, David Thomas
24-Sep-2014Ultra-Dispersed Catalytic Hydroprocessing of Vacuum Gas Oil: Catalyst Recycle and Deactivation StudyCarss, Andrew
6-Nov-2015Ultra-High Sensitivity GNSS Signal Acquisition Using Precise OscillatorsGowdayyanadoddi, Naveen
-An Ultra-Low Noise, Fully Differential Active Reset CMOS Imager with Transistor Based Column Parallel Common Mode Feedback for Spectrally Constructed Background Illumination RejectionShahin, Saharnaz
25-Apr-2013Ultra-Low Power Sub-Threshold Nanoscale CMOS Path Planning CoresWu, Ryan
2-Feb-2016Ultra-tightly Coupled Vision/GNSS for Automotive ApplicationsAumayer, Bernhard Martin
1-Oct-2015Ultra-Wideband Microwave Cardiac Output Monitoring: Approaches to Modeling the Heart at Microwave Frequencies and Validation of a Proof of Concept SystemSeguin, Marcel
31-Jan-2013Ultraviolet Degradation of BTX in Waste Gas: Effects of Photocatalysis and Ozone PremixingAtyabi, Mahsasadat
24-Jul-2013Ultraviolet Degradation of H2S in Waste Gas: A Comprehensive First–Principles ModelAsili, Vahid
28-Jun-2013Un primer acercamiento al misticismo de M. María EvangelistaBoyzo, Jaime
22-Jan-2016Unauthorized Secondary Suites: An Analysis of the Renter’s PerspectiveGoodbrand, Pernille
21-Jul-2014Unconditional Class Group Tabulation to 2⁴⁰Mosunov, Anton
1-Sep-2015Unconventional Hydrocarbon Potential of a Middle Triassic Source Rock in the West-Central Sverdrup Basin, Canadian Arctic ArchipelagoKondla, Danielle
2-Sep-2014Unconventional Reservoirs: Mathematical Modeling of Some Non-linear ProblemsTabatabaie, Seyed Hamed
22-Sep-2015Uncovering Colonial Legacies: Voices of Indigenous Youth in Child Welfare (dis)PlacementsNavia, Daniela
30-Apr-2015Under Serious Threat: Representations of Predatory Mammals in the Literary Nonfiction of Sid Marty, Charlie Russell and John VaillantEmery, Tempest
30-Mar-2015Understanding and Controlling Wettability of Carbon Powders for PEM Fuel Cell ApplicationsLi, Xiaoan
17-Apr-2014Understanding and Preventing Ni Oxidation in Ni-YSZ Anode-Supported SOFCsYoung, Jason Lee