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Issue DateTitleAuthor
28-Jan-2015Validating Pragmatic Reuse TasksMakady, Soha
10-Feb-2015Validation of an ICD-10 coded case definition for the identification of patients diagnosed with sepsis and severe sepsis using administrative dataJolley, Rachel
4-Apr-2014Validation of the Comprehensive Hierarchical Evaluation of Disability based on Activity Limitations (miFunction) Scale: A Pilot StudyBurley, Tyler
-Validity and Reliability of the Arabic Version of Muller’s Prenatal Attachment InventoryArafah, Dima
27-Jan-2016Valuation of Crude Oil Futures, Options and Variance SwapsShahmoradi, Akbar
24-Sep-2014Variable Selection in Log-linear Birnbaum-Saunders Regression Models for High-dimensional Survival Data via the Elastic-Net and Stochastic EMZhang, Yukun
-Variable Speed Limit: A Microscopic Analysis in a Connected Vehicle EnvironmentKhondaker, Bidoura
-Vascular Aging: from Smooth Muscle Cell Differentiation to PolyploidizationZhan, Shi
15-Aug-2014Vascular Reactivity by Blood Oxygen Level Dependent Functional MRI in Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy: Comparison with Alzheimer's Disease and Assessment of Longitudinal ChangeSwitzer, Aaron
27-Nov-2015Vault SubmissionVault, User
3-Feb-2015Vector-based and Ultra-Tight GPS/INS Receiver Performance in the Presence of Continuous Wave JammingKrasovski, Sergey
9-Sep-2015Vehicle Accident Severity Rule Mining Using Fuzzy Granular Decision TreeKiavarz Moghaddam, Hamid
17-May-2013Velocity Model Building and Seismic Imaging in a Complex Structural Setting in the Rocky Mountains.Mirabella, Carolina Paola
28-Aug-2013Vengeful Decisions: The Role of Perceived Effectiveness and Costliness of RevengeRasmussen, Kyler
13-Sep-2013Verification of Multi-Agent Systems Using AUML MethodologyMireslami, Seyedehmehrnaz
-Verification of Synthetic Core and Facies Templates with Seismic Properties and Rock Properties for Geo-cellular Modeling in Reservoir Characterization of a Producing FieldAlam, Mahbub
13-Sep-2013Vibro-Acoustic Monitoring of Pipeline Leakage and CorrosionSharma, Vishash
18-Jan-2016A View-Based Protection Model to Prevent Inference Attacks by Third-Party Extensions to Social Computing PlatformsAhmadinejad, Seyed Hossein
9-Feb-2015A Violent Symbiosis: Gangs, the State, and the Rise in Crime in São PauloFord, Maria
9-Aug-2013The Virtual Faraday CageKing, James