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Title: Sacred Placemaking: A Design Response to the Changing Face of Religion in Canada
Author: Kinney, Adam
Advisor: Wylant, Barry
Keywords: Architecture;Religious;Urban and Regional Planning
Issue Date: 2-Oct-2013
Abstract: This thesis examines sacred place and the potential these places hold as catalysts for positive change in the lives of spiritual individuals and religious communities throughout Canada. In order to better understand sacred place and the demand these places will continue to have, this thesis explores religious and spiritual trends within Canada. A number of sacred places--shared sacred places--were identified as useful examples based on the religious and spiritual context in Canada. Site visits were conducted, including site analysis and key-informant interviews, to better understand the effectiveness of these particular types of sacred places. A framework for designing sacred places, termed “sacred placemaking,” is developed to assist decision makers—architects, designers, Chaplains, planners, and administrators—with the design and facilitation of sacred place. A toolkit is developed as an accompaniment to this thesis, and is intended as a refined booklet of considerations for the design of sacred places.
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