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Title: Effect of combined oligofructose and sitagliptin treatment on pre-pregnancy weight loss and gut microbiota in diet-induced obese rats
Author: Eslinger, Amanda
Advisor: Reimer, Raylene
Keywords: Nutrition
Issue Date: 12-Jul-2012
Abstract: The purpose of this study was to evaluate a combined dietary (oligofructose) and pharmacological (sitagliptin) anti-obesity therapy in diet-induced obese female Sprague-Dawley rats and determine if the effects persist throughout pregnancy and lactation. Body weight, glucose tolerance, satiety hormones, and gut microbiota were measured following obesity induction, treatment, and lactation phases of the study. During the treatment period, rats were randomized to seven experimental groups (n=13): (1) High Fat/High Sucrose (Obese Control); (2) Lean Control (Never Obese); (3) AIN-93M (Control-Treated Obese); (4) Oligofructose (Fiber-Treated Obese); (5) Sitagliptin (Drug-Treated Obese); (6) Oligofructose and Sitagliptin (Combination-Treated Obese); and (7) Caloric Restriction (Weight-Matched to Group 6). The combination of oligofructose and sitagliptin resulted in enhanced weight loss, improved glucose tolerance, and gut hormone and microbiota profiles associated with a lean phenotype. Some, but not all, benefits persisted to the end of lactation. The combined therapy may represent a novel anti-obesity treatment.
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