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Title: Exploring the use of clickers to support active learning and knowledge building by pre-service teachers in large lectures
Author: Liu, Angyue
Advisor: Jacobsen, Michele
Keywords: Education--Technology
Issue Date: 12-Jul-2012
Abstract: Educators in higher education are being challenged to engage every learner in their learning in large lectures. This case study explored the use of an Audience Response System (i.e., clickers) to engage pre-service teachers in active learning and collaborative knowledge building in a large lecture setting within a Bachelor of Education program. Qualitative and quantitative data was collected from classroom observations, student interviews, the instructor interview, and the student survey. This research found that with the opportunity to respond to clicker questions in lectures, especially to the open-ended text-entry questions, student teachers can be engaged in active learning, and also in the creation, sharing, and promising improvement of their ideas/knowledge as individuals and as a learning community in the large lecture setting. Findings from this study can enrich our understanding about effective strategies of using clickers to improve learning and teaching in large lectures in higher education.
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