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Title: Evaluating collection disposal: life cycle perspectives for integrated library collection management
Author: Ambler, Chelsea
Advisor: Assefa, Getachew
Samek, Toni
Keywords: Environmental Sciences
Issue Date: 13-Jul-2012
Abstract: This Master’s thesis investigates collection management from a life cycle sustainability perspective. The final aim of this research is to support the integration of disposal within collection management decision-making through the design of an evaluative framework and supportive tool. Deselection is recognized as an important management tool for collection sustainability. Due to impacts inherent to any disposal activity, collection disposal falls under professional responsibilities of responsible resource management. How deselected material is then handled is an important component of the sustainable library. A history of libraries and collection management, from acquisition to disposal, is examined. This is supported by a qualitative analysis of current collection disposal experiences in Alberta and a quantitative analysis of collection deselection in Canada. A life cycle assessment method is proposed and disposal impacts are identified and assessed. Viewing collections from a life cycle perspective, including disposal, provides additional insight to further promote sustainable collection management.
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