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Title: Reliable Embedded Systems Development
Author: Deng, Dongcheng
Advisor: Smith, Michael
Keywords: Engineering--Electronics and Electrical
Issue Date: 20-Jan-2014
Abstract: With software defects reducing profits in many fields, it is worthwhile to consider moving key defect reducing strategies from one development area into another. A considerable amount of effort has been contributed to adapt and adopt the success of Agile methods into the embedded domain as defect-reduction methods. However, limited efficient and effective tools constrain the applicability of the Agile philosophy. Moreover, little studies have been reported to summarize the current state of the Agile-inspired embedded software development (AIESD) domain. The implications of an overview of AIESD generated from a systematic mapping study are discussed. An Agile test support (ATS) co-processor was proposed to provide low-overhead test insertion capability to embedded processors. The performance of the ATS was compared to existing hardware-assisted test insertion techniques. A demonstration application shows the use of ATS co-processor in multi-threaded environment.
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