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Title: Development and Microscaling of a Novel Glucose Biosensor for Application in a Minimally Invasive Sampling Platform
Author: Jones, Tristan
Advisor: Mintchev, Martin
Birss, Viola
Kaler, Karan
Keywords: Biochemistry;Engineering--Biomedical;Engineering--Electronics and Electrical
Issue Date: 1-Apr-2014
Abstract: Diabetes Mellitus is approaching epidemic proportions in North America and many regions in the world. Current treatment involves self-monitoring of blood glucose levels by analysis of a blood sample obtained by "finger-pricking". This suffers from non-compliance, and samples at a rate much lower than the Shannon frequency of blood glucose levels. The e-Mosquito provides near-painless sampling, is apply-and-forget, and provides a higher sampling rate. This thesis concerns miniaturiziation of a novel glucose transducer, for integration in the e-Mosquito, that consists of iridium and glucose oxidase on a gold electrode, and which obeys Michaelis-Menten kinetics and were characterized using their Imax and Km values. The sensor includes this transducer, a micropotentiostat, a power supply, and an ADC that communicates with the e-Mosquito microprocessor. Testing of the transducer showed current densities of 250-400 uA/cm2, though with high inter-transducer variability. The potentiostat was also characterized and demonstrated to have adequate sensitivity and bandwidth.
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