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Title: This Could Be Something if We Let it: Studio Artists in Schools
Author: Barton, Julie
Advisor: Pat, Tarr
Keywords: Education--Art
Issue Date: 2-May-2014
Abstract: This case study describes the impact an artist can have on school culture when they set up their studio space within a public school. The artists were given the freedom to engage in their artistic pursuits without predetermined teaching requirements or a prescribed role within the school. This unique opportunity for artists and school populations arose from collaboration between an art college and a public school board. This thesis will describe the experiences from the perspectives of the artists, school administrators, teachers and students. The results indicate how authentic encounters with art and artists influence the learning in schools. Studio artists who modeled and shared their artistic dispositions and expertise impacted the school’s environment, relationships, student agency and contributed to meaningful work. The data shares the potential and possibilities that exist when a studio artist is invited to share their art and practice in a school.
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