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Title: Sport Celebrity Scandal: Consumer Attitude towards the Sponsoring Brand
Author: Hardwicke-Brown, Emeleigh
Advisor: Kulchitsky, Jack
Mourali, Mehdi
Keywords: Business Administration--Management
Issue Date: 2-May-2014
Abstract: Adding to previous research grounded in sport celebrity scandal, this study used an experimental design to focus on consumer attitude following an athlete's involvement in scandal. Specifically, consumer attitude towards a brand following the post-scandal decision to continue or terminate the relationship with the athlete was examined. Athlete loyal consumers were the main focus of the study. Brand loyalty and severity of the scandal‘s impact on consumer attitude after the sponsor’s decision were also studied. Four hypotheses were grounded in theory and tested using ANOVA. Results demonstrated that athlete loyal consumers had a significantly more positive attitude when the decision was to terminate the relationship. Brand loyal consumers reported a more positive attitude towards the brand regardless of the sponsor’s relationship decision, and severity of the scandal did not have a significant impact. Results provide insight on what relationship decision fosters a more positive attitude towards the brand.
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