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Title: Design of Low-toxic Non-solid Anti-freeze Polymer Drilling Fluid
Author: Wang, Hai
Advisor: Martinuzzi, Robert
Keywords: Engineering--Chemical;Engineering--Petroleum
Issue Date: 26-Aug-2014
Abstract: Drilling in permafrost and at low temperature are two challenges that complicate Arctic operation. Addressing these challenges require new approaches in drilling fluid design and optimization. This experimental study proposes formulations for low-toxic anti-freeze agents and non-solid polymer system. Tests are conducted to verify that 5% NaCl + 5% KCl + 30% glycerol are effective to maintain the freezing point below -20°C. Experiments were performed on the influence of anti-freeze agent on the rheological and filtration control of polymer solutions. Three formulated polymer systems are demonstrated to be able to generate desirable viscosity and yield point to provide efficient hole cleaning at temperature range of -20°C ~ 0°C. The desirable filtration characteristics are shown by generating the minimized volume of filtrate. A rheological model describing the flow behavior of anti-freeze polymer fluids is selected and used to predict the frictional pressure loss in a simulated mud circulation.
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