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Title: The Relationship Between Inhibition and Social Skills in Children with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders
Author: Matchullis, Ryan
Advisor: McCrimmon, Adam
Keywords: Educational Psychology;Psychology--Behavioral;Psychology--Cognitive
Issue Date: 13-Sep-2012
Abstract: The purpose of the current study is to enhance understanding of the neuropsychological basis of the social skill deficits in children with high-functioning autism spectrum disorders (HFASD) through an investigation of inhibition, a sub-domain of executive functioning. A total of 16 children with HFASD and 16 age- and gender-matched typically-developing (TD) comparison children were administered task-based measures of inhibition and were rated by parents on inhibition and social skills. Non-parametric statistical comparisons revealed that children with HFASD were rated as having poorer social skills and increased inhibitory dysfunction than their TD peers. Furthermore, this increased inhibitory dysfunction was negatively correlated with poorer social skills in the HFASD group only. The implications of these results are discussed in light of potential interventions and further understanding of the unique neuropsychological profile in children with HFASD. Finally, study limitations and suggestions for future research are highlighted.
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