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Title: Design, Construction, and Calibration of a Vibrating Tube Densimeter for Volumetric Measurements of Acid Gas Fluids
Author: Deering, Connor Edward
Advisor: Marriott, Dr. Robert
Keywords: Chemistry--Analytical;Chemistry--Physical;Engineering--Chemical
Issue Date: 22-Apr-2015
Abstract: Volumetric changes are vital to understanding the high-pressure chemical thermodynamics within acid gas injection processes. In this study, a vibrating tube densimeter was constructed and calibrated in order to perform volumetric measurements on acid gas fluids where previous literature were sparse. The densimeter uses an optically coupled feedback loop in order to maintain a fluid filled vibrating tube at its harmonic frequency. The densimeter is capable of measuring densities at temperatures between T = 25 and 150 °C and pressures up to p = 35 MPa (5076 psia). Densities of pure carbon dioxide and water dissolved in carbon dioxide at low concentrations were measured and used to calculate partial molar volumes at temperatures between T = 45 and 120 °C and pressures up to p = 35 MPa for use in equilibrium or fugacity calculations. The Krichevskii parameter for water’s influence on carbon dioxide’s critical behaviour was determined using the partial molar volume measurements.
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