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Title: Aboriginal Student Voice on School Success
Author: Taylor, Aileen
Advisor: Field, James
Keywords: Education;Education
Issue Date: 1-May-2015
Abstract: Aboriginal student success in school as measured by graduation rates and post-secondary enrollment is a concern that has been noted by provincial governments, federal governments, Aboriginal leaders, Aboriginal communities and school districts. This study endeavors to explain the existing educational literature by investigating how Aboriginal students, describe school success and the barriers that impede this success. Sixteen students and eight teachers from a small British Columbia community shared their experiences during semi-structured interviews. Comments from these audiotaped conversations were transcribed and interpreted using Phenomenological Analysis. Although Aboriginal students and teachers explained that hands on learning opportunities, calm and predictable environments and positive student-teacher relationships in school were very important to Aboriginal student success, there are many other differences in testimony reported on the definition of school success and the barriers in learning for Aboriginal students. This thesis will focus on the practical implications from these findings for education, teacher training, counselling, and future research. Finally, the thesis will make recommendations for future research.
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