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Title: Accuracy Assessment of UWB RTLS for Tracking Resources on Construction Sites
Author: Esmaeilnejad, Seyedshahab
Advisor: Sadeghpour, Farnaz
Keywords: Engineering--Civil
Issue Date: 24-Jul-2015
Abstract: The evolution of positioning technologies such as Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) has created an opportunity to improve the construction in various aspects. Enhanced situational awareness can be used to improve the level of safety and productivity of the construction. Providing information about situational awareness of static and moving objects on a construction site is feasible with applying positioning awareness. In order to apply positioning methods and technologies efficiently, they should be evaluated and assessed in different situations. The positioning performance changes when the dynamic parameters such as speed changes. In this study, two experiments are designed and carried out on the dynamic performance of UWB positioning. The result of the experiments and the evaluation of the results are stated in details.
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