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Title: Assessing Bond Beam Horizontal Reinforcement Efficacy with Different End Anchorage Conditions in Concrete Block Masonry Shear Walls
Author: Rizaee, Samira
Advisor: Lissel, Shelley
Keywords: Engineering--Civil
Issue Date: 30-Jul-2015
Abstract: Reinforced concrete block shear walls are studied in this research. The main focus is to determine how the end anchorage conditions of bond beam horizontal reinforcement influences the behaviour of shear walls, and how to use reinforcement to improve shear wall performance by using smaller bar sizes and by relocating the bond beams. Characteristics defining the behaviour of walls, including crack pattern, lateral strength, ductility, effective stiffness, stiffness degradation, and energy dissipation are studied. The reinforcement strain recorded at strategically strain gauged locations revealed that neither the end anchorage conditions nor the smaller bar size increased the likelihood that the bars would yield at these locations. Statistical analyses were conducted to compare different groups of walls. It was concluded that the end anchorage conditions do not have significant benefit on the mentioned behaviour characteristics. In addition, relocation of the horizontal rebar is only beneficial in the case of smaller diameter bars.
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