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Title: The Meaning and Practice of Stewardship
Author: McArthur, Margaret
Advisor: Tyler, Mary-Ellen
Keywords: Cultural
Issue Date: 28-Sep-2012
Abstract: The term ‘stewardship’ has historically been used in ‘Western’ societies in reference to the human-environment relationship. Its use today in popular environmental discourse is widespread but not well documented. Through a historical literature review of stewardship involving multidisciplinary sources, several meanings associated with the use of the term were identified and organized into a typology of meanings over time. The emerging meaning was then compared to the results of interviews with representatives of eleven self-identified Alberta public sector ‘stewardship’ organizations. The purpose of the interviews was to identify what stewardship practitioners in Alberta mean by the use of the term stewardship. The results showed strong agreement on the meaning of stewardship and its defining characteristics among the stewardship groups and with the typology created from literature review. Specifically, contemporary stewardship is described as a values-based collaborative practice that is focused on environmental conservation and community capacity building.
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