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Title: A Hybrid Release Planning Method for Accommodating Advanced Feature Dependencies
Author: Przepiora, Mark Richard
Advisor: Ruhe, Guenther
Hoyer, Peter
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 3-Oct-2012
Abstract: Software release planning addresses the problem of assigning features to future releases in consideration of technological and resource constraints. Modeling the interdependencies of a feature set is vital to the success of release planning, as dependencies can drastically alter the landscape of which plans are feasible as well as which plans maximize the value of a release. This thesis addresses the problem of efficiently and effectively accommodating feature dependencies in the context of software release planning. A decision support framework for modeling arbitrary feature dependencies, called Hybrid-RP, is proposed and implemented, together with an algorithm for computing high-quality release plans that are consistent with the modeled dependencies. Our method, based on the paradigm of Constraint Programming, is proven to model a much larger spectrum of dependencies than existing release planning methods can. An initial evaluation of the method is conducted using real-world software feature sets containing up to 914 features.
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