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Title: A New Method For Production Data Analysis Using Superposition-Rate
Author: Liang, Yue
Advisor: Aguilera, Roberto
Mattar, Louis
Keywords: Engineering--Petroleum
Issue Date: 10-Dec-2015
Abstract: This research presents a new method to analyze production data – the superposition-rate. The method was developed based on the well-accepted superposition principle. It is presented in a generalized form and is applicable to data in transient flow (including radial, linear, and bilinear flow) as well as in boundary dominated flow. The superposition-rate method is validated by synthetic data generated from reservoir modeling. Moreover, a simple yet practical workflow of implementing the superposition-rate in production data analysis is presented. Last, real field examples are utilized to demonstrate the practicality of superposition-rate. A thorough comparison between the superposition-rate and superposition-time methods is presented. The superposition-rate shows significant advantages over the superposition-time. A key improvement of the superposition-rate in quality diagnostics and data analysis is that it does not modify time scale. Consequently the superposition-rate keeps all production data in the sequence of their occurrence.
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