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Title: A Multifaceted Educational Intervention to Increase Uptake of a Urinary Tract Infection Guideline
Author: Banks, Anke Marie
Advisor: McLaughlin, Kevin
Keywords: Medicine and Surgery
Issue Date: 22-Jan-2016
Abstract: Physicians often fail to implement clinical practice guidelines. Our objective was to evaluate whether a multifaceted educational intervention would increase adherence to the American Academy of Pediatrics guideline regarding voiding cystourethrogram (VCUG) use in young children with a first febrile urinary tract infection. We conducted a prospective interventional study at one centre using a pretest-posttest design. We used a health promotion model to construct a multifaceted intervention that included an interactive lecture, clinical pathway and faxed reminder. Over the study period, pediatricians and non-pediatricians ordered a significantly greater monthly proportion of adherent VCUGs. There was a significant decrease in the pediatrician monthly ordering rate of VCUGs. Utilizing logistic regression, the odds of adherence to the guideline were significantly greater among pediatricians than non-pediatricians. In conclusion, following a multifaceted educational intervention, pediatricians were more likely to adhere to the VCUG guideline recommendation than prior to the intervention and than non-pediatricians.
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