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Title: Evaporative Cooling in Electromagnetic Radio Frequency Traps
Author: Seify, Lohrasp
Advisor: Thompson, Robert
Keywords: Physics--Atomic
Issue Date: 25-Jan-2016
Abstract: Paul traps are used in many different fields of physics to contain ions for different purposes. Give the oscillating fields that this type of trap employs to trap an ensemble and the heating that the interactions of these fields with multiple ions can cause, cooling the system could be of great interest, and there are several methods of doing so. This study explores on of these methods, evaporative cooling, applied to a type of Paul trap, a Linear Paul Trap (LPT), using computer simulations. This thesis will first describe a trapped ion ensemble and an evaporation event both physically and how it is computationally modeled. IT then proceeds to discuss the conditions for which evaporative cooling applied to an LPT could be optimized to maximize the chances of achieving highest temperature per particle evaporated.
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