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Title: Collective Action and Sharing Space Across Difference: A Participatory Case Study at the Old Y Building
Author: Edworthy, Son
Advisor: Miller, Byron
Keywords: Geography
Issue Date: 4-Feb-2016
Abstract: In the context of increasing global tension, racialized violence and Islamaphobia, with significant local impacts, one of the most important questions humans face is how to share space across difference? Linking network theory with frameworks of equity and access, this participatory case study explores spatialities of network formation across socially constructed difference. The study nested a Participatory Action Research process in a case study of a nonprofit centre known as the Old Y building, which houses over 70 diverse nonprofit organizations. Through the participatory process of the research, involving iterative cycles of action and reflection, co-researchers recognized socio-spatial patterns of exclusion from networks, and generated ideas for practical solutions. Results of this research contribute to both academic and community-based practice, providing insights into how space can facilitate connections across difference, and could lead to more equitable access to resources and decision-making.
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