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Title: The Effect of Low Oxygen Level on Human Mesenchymal Stem Cell Behaviour in Culture
Author: Heik, Evelyn
Advisor: Sen, Arindom
Keywords: Biology--Cell;Engineering--Biomedical
Abstract: Synovial fluid from articulating joints contain a population of mesenchymal stem cells (SF-MSCs), which have the ability to effectively form cartilage, and thus represent a potential candidate cell type for the development of therapies aimed at repairing cartilage lesions. Since they can only be isolated in small quantities and any treatment developed will require a large number of them, SF-MSCs for clinical use will have to be generated in culture under conditions that promote their rapid proliferation. Determining the optimal oxygen levels in serum-free medium, free of ill-defined components and infectious agents, would allow for a better understanding of SF-MSCs and their potential for use in clinical treatments. The findings of this study indicate that culturing SF-MSCs under serum-free conditions in static culture is feasible, and that low oxygen conditions may improve cell yield. Furthermore, the cells maintained their defining stem cell characteristics when cultured under low oxygen tension.
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