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Title: Chatter Suppression in Boring Operations through Altering Tool Dynamics
Author: Alammari, Youssef
Advisor: Park, Simon
Freiheit, Theodor
Keywords: Engineering--Mechanical
Abstract: In machining, a phenomenon known as chatter, which is a self-excited excessive vibration, is considered one of the most limiting factors for productivity. Particularly in boring process, the long cantilevered structure of boring bar makes it the most flexible part of machine tool system. As a result, there is a high possibility for chatter to occur compared with other machine tool components. In this research, two methods were investigated to attenuate chatter and increase stability in boring operations by manipulating the boring bar structure dynamics. First, the effect of altering the boring bar’s natural frequency on chatter is investigated through varying the boring bar’s overall mass. Second, a tuned liquid column damper (TLCD) is developed to improve the dynamic stiffness for boring bars application for improving the overall stability. Several models and experiments are carried out for evaluating the performance of the proposed methods.
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