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Title: A Physiological Feedback Controlled Exercise Video Game
Author: Baradoy, Graham
Advisor: Katz, Larry
Parker, James
Keywords: Computer Science
Issue Date: 25-Oct-2012
Abstract: Purpose: This thesis presents a proof-of-concept for the use of physiological feedback in active video games to control the heart rate of players. Rationale: Physiological feedback controls can be used to increase or decrease the physical demands of an active video game presented to the user. We introduce DanceBeat, a physiological feedback controlled active video game, designed with the intent to control players’ heart rates. Methods: A repeated measures crossover study was performed (n=23). Participants were exposed to two bouts of DanceBeat with target HRR zones corresponding to light and moderate intensity exercise. Results: The Light level kept participants within target zone 87(18)% of the time whereas the Moderate level kept participants in the zone 76(21)% of the time. The 95% confidence interval for mean HRR for both levels fell within the respective target zones. Significance: DanceBeat has the potential to be an entertaining and effective form of exercise.
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