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Title: Differentiating Sepsis-induced ARDS from Ventilated ICU Controls using Serum Metabolomics
Author: Donnelly, Sarah
Advisor: Winston, Brent
Keywords: Bioinformatics;Biostatistics;Biology--Molecular;Immunology;Medicine and Surgery;Chemistry--Analytical;Biochemistry
Abstract: Sepsis-induced ARDS is a significant source of ICU morbidity and mortality with no treatments beyond supportive care. Biomarker identification may help predict development of ARDS, differentiate mild ARDS from moderate/severe ARDS, identify treatment targets, and prognosticate patient outcomes. Metabolomics is a systems biology approach to examine metabolic processes and metabolites in response to physiological stimuli, such as disease. Serum samples from ventilated ICU patients with sepsis or septic shock and ventilated ICU control patients were collected and stored in CCEPTR, an ICU tissue bank. 36 mild ARDS and 36 moderate/severe ARDS patients were age- and sex-matched to 36 ICU controls. Untargeted GC-MS and NMR were performed on ICU day 1 serum samples and last day samples of recovered patients. MVDA was used to identify diagnostic and prognostic biomarker candidates. We identified a candidate biopattern of sepsis-induced ARDS and predicted 28-day/hospital mortality of sepsis-induced ARDS using day 1 serum samples.
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