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Title: Dynamic Characterization of Naturally Fractured Reservoirs with Fractal Geometry: Methodology of Analysis
Author: Vargas, Lauro
Advisor: Chen, Zhangxing
Keywords: Engineering--Petroleum
Abstract: Naturally Fractured Reservoirs (NFR) contain over 60% of hydrocarbon reserves in the world. Most NFR have heterogeneities occurring in a wide range of spatial scales. Generally, NFR are modeled using Euclidean geometry with homogeneous fracture systems that work well for some specific cases. However, the presence of fractures at different scales, the non-uniform distribution of fractures, and the connectivity of the fracture network are important factors of uncertainty in reservoir models. Fractal geometry is one of the best ways to take into account heterogeneities present in a porous medium at different scales, their non-uniform distribution in space, and the connectivity of the fracture network. This thesis puts forward a methodology to identify, validate and define the fractal parameters from NFR. It considers reservoir engineering and geologic information to gain a comprehensive understanding of this type of reservoirs. This methodology was applied to two field cases from the southwest of Mexico.
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