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Title: Physical and Cognitive Activity and Recovery From Sports Related Concussion
Author: Lishchynsky, Justin
Advisor: Schneider, Kathryn
Keywords: Epidemiology;Medicine and Surgery;Public Health
Abstract: Concussions are among the most common injuries in youth sport and can affect an individual both cognitively and physically, thus proper clinical care is imperative. In this thesis, a review of physical and cognitive activity and rest following concussion highlights the need for more research to better define the optimal amounts and types of rest and activity to facilitate recovery. Comparing Actigraph accelerometry to participant self-report data during concussion recovery revealed poor agreement and correlation between the two. There was no association between cognitive activity and recovery from concussion demonstrated in an exploratory analysis of high and low levels of cognitive activity. More time performing moderate-vigorous physical activity (>45 minutes daily) was associated with a significantly longer time to return to baseline symptom scores and being medically cleared to return to play. Future high level studies evaluating the impact of physical activity on recovery are needed to inform clinical practice.
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