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Title: Evaluation of Catalytic Steam Cracking Process for Total Acid Number Reduction of Heavy Oils
Author: Moraes Righi, Thiago
Advisor: Pereira Almao, Pedro
Keywords: Engineering--Chemical;Engineering--Petroleum
Abstract: This study aims to evaluate the performance of different catalysts and conditions in the activity and deactivation patterns of catalytic steam cracking for total acid number reduction in northern Alberta bitumen. Several heavy oil properties relevant for their commercialization were also investigated. The conditions tested varied from 360-390oC and 800-4,200kPa. The results showed a great activity towards total acid number reduction, further enhanced when using a hydrogenating function containing catalyst. A kinetic study was performed initially excluding the effects of deactivation. The study over extended hours of continuous operation revealed a progressive deactivation. In response to this behavior a guard reactor was implemented. This deactivation was modeled and a regeneration test was successfully performed. Poisoning by metal deposition was found to be negligible over time-on-stream thus deactivation was mainly due to coke deposition. A commercial reaction scheme was proposed and economically evaluated.
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