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Title: Ice Crushing Forces on Offshore Structures: Interaction Parameters and Global Effective Pressures
Author: Paquette, Erin
Advisor: Brown, Thomas
Keywords: Engineering--Civil
Abstract: Structural failures of offshore structures in ice covered waters can carry high consequences with respect to the environment, personnel safety, and the economy. A governing load condition is often produced by the crushing of level ice sheets against vertical or near vertical faced structures. This study combines an exploration of ice crushing theory and data in order to analyze relationships between global effective pressures and ice-structure interaction parameters. An analysis of the data finds support for many relationships indicated in the literature. This study reveals conditions that, when satisfied, improve the validity of these relationships. The current design equation in ISO 19906 is also demonstrated to address many of the effects that parameters have on ice crushing pressures. However, some weaknesses are illustrated in its ability to comprehensively address the full range of ice conditions and interaction geometries expected for offshore structures.
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