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Title: Accuracy Assessment of Ultra-Wideband for a Site Safety Monitoring System
Author: Andolfo, Carlo
Advisor: Sadeghpour, Farnaz
Keywords: Engineering--Civil
Abstract: Construction has one of the highest rates of accidents among all industries worldwide. In Canada, 22% of workplace fatalities are recorded in the construction industry. An analysis conducted in this study showed that one of the main causes of accidents on construction sites is workers’ lack of awareness of proximity of danger. The objective of this study is to develop a Site Safety Monitoring System that helps improve safety on construction sites by providing safety status of workers in real-time. The system is composed of an available UWB Real-Time Locating System that estimates workers’ location on the site, and a Detection Model that detects when workers are in the proximity of danger using the provided location estimations. Laboratory experiments are conducted to measure the accuracy of UWB in tracking workers, and to examine the reliability of the model in detecting unsafe situations.
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