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Title: Improving Algae Growth Kinetics in Suspension Bioreactors for the Production of Recombinant Proteins
Author: Clark, Brendan Robert
Advisor: Sen, Arindom
Alcantara, Joenel
Keywords: Microbiology;Engineering--Biomedical;Engineering--Chemical
Abstract: Millions of individuals rely on recombinant proteins such as essential biopharmaceuticals. Recently, genetically engineered microalgae have been identified as a potentially inexpensive and fast growing host organism for recombinant protein production. Using Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, a species of unicellular green microalgae, the goal was to improve algal cell growth kinetics, genetically engineer the cells and develop a bioprocess to analyze recombinant protein production. C. reinhardtii growth kinetics were improved under mixotrophic growth conditions using acetate in small scale 10 mL cultures. This process was scaled-up to 500 mL spinner flask suspension bioreactors and through the use of a fed-batch acetate feeding strategy, cell growth rates and maximum cell concentrations were improved. A genetic construct was designed, manufactured, isolated and used to genetically transform C. reinhardtii. A bioprocess was then developed to isolate and analyze protein production rates from these cells. Results indicated product concentrations of 8.44 mg/L of culture.
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