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Title: Benefits of the Deployment of a Fully Functional ADS-B Network in Northern Canada and Pacific
Author: Ahuja, Sidharth Shankar
Advisor: de Barros, Alexandre Gomes
Keywords: Engineering--Civil
Abstract: Our research aims to evaluate the benefits obtained by the installation of Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) stations, an inexpensive air traffic management technology that promises a RADAR like connectivity in northwestern Canada and Pacific. The area under consideration is currently devoid of any RADAR coverage and has many important international routes flying through it. Flight data for these routes is collected from a third party website and then analyzed for ground and airborne delays. These delays rack up extra costs in the form of aircraft direct operating costs, passenger costs, extra fuel burn and carbon emissions. With the assumption that ADS-B will provide a radar like separation, the delays were monetized. Results suggest that the newly established navigational coverage can help the airline carriers save millions of dollars each year, with a big chunk of savings coming from aircraft operating costs and passenger time savings.
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