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Title: A solid-fluid diffusionless reacting mixture theory model for bone
Author: Cull, Stephen
Advisor: Epstein, Marcelo
Keywords: Applied Mechanics;Engineering--Mechanical
Issue Date: 20-Dec-2012
Abstract: Mixture theory provides a framework to study materials composed of an arbitrary number of constituents. In addition to describing the motion and deformation of a material, mixture theory also describes reactions between constituents. The coupling of reactions and mechanical deformations for bone will be examined using a mixture theory approach. Bone will be considered as a reactive diffusionless solid-fluid mixture. Assumed evolution equations which depend on mechanical deformations will be used to describe reactions in bone. Considering a steady state biaxial stretch case and a uniaxial stress case, assumed evolution equations will be solved numerically. Results showed an increase of solid apparent density with increased mechanical loading. The precise relation between solid apparent density and mechanics depended on the choice of remodeling constants. In addition, the steady state orientation of a transversely isotropic solid constituent was determined to depend on the initial mixture composition.
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